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200+ Best and short WhatsApp bio captions and quotes in English for boys and girls in 2023

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200+ Best and short Funny WhatsApp bio captions and quotes in English for boys and girls in July 2023
200+ Best and short Funny WhatsApp bio captions and quotes in English for boys and girls in July 2023

200+ Best and short Funny WhatsApp bio captions and quotes in English for boys and girls in July 2023

Looking for a cool, stylish and creative bio for your WhatsApp About section? Here are some of the best and motivating bio caption ideas.

Introducing yourself to your WhatsApp contacts is essential, and what better way to do that than through your bio? Below is a list of ideas to help you come up with a thoughtful bio. If you’re having difficulty, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

200+ Best bio for WhatsApp for boys

In this article, you’ll find some hilarious WhatsApp bios for boys, as well as some powerful and motivational quotes. You’ll also find some creative bios and bios based on life. Girls, don’t feel left out! We’ve got some funny WhatsApp bios for girls too, as well as some meaningful bios and stylish bios. As usual, girls tend to use more emojis than boys, so you’ll find plenty of those here too. So, go ahead and find the bio that suits you best!

Funny WhatsApp bios

  • God is so creative – look how I turned out. 
  • Very lethargic and cannot stop being lazy.
  • Dear Stress. Time to break up. 
  • I like being glamorous – it isn’t a crime. 
  • Don’t be too open-minded; your brain might fall out. 
  • My wallet resembles an onion – opening it makes tears stream from my eyes. 
  • The only time my job is bearable is when I’m vacationing
  • Move over “I Love You”. “Salary Credited” is the most powerful word now. 
  • Quite a few people I know deserve a high five. In the face. With a fist. 
  • Common sense is far from a gift. It’s a curse, as you need to deal with people devoid of it.
  • Dear Problems – time to give me a discount for being a regular customer

Motivational quotes bios for WhatsApp 

  • There’s no remote control for life. You have to get up if you want the channel changed.
  • At the day’s end, I am grateful that my blessings outnumber my problems. 
  • Your followers may not always be your fans 
  • Life can get only as good as you think.
  • The start is always tough. Don’t give up. 
  • In life, we don’t lose friends. We only learn who our true friends really are.
  • Don’t squander your opportunities for achieving temporary comfort. 
  • Within every person is a sun. 

Cool WhatsApp bios

  • To be number one, you better be odd. 
  • Honesty might be the best policy. However, insanity is a better defence. 
  • Ice Cream is cheap. Therapy isn’t.
  • Making peace with my pieces. 
  • When you see me, what can you see? 
  • Life always throws up surprises. 
  • Find your goal in life, and then be obsessed about reaching it.
  • I feel great today. 
  • If not me then who? If not now then when?
  • Make sure you’re perfect before judging me
  • Hating me won’t help you.
  • Why fit in? You were born to be outstanding. 
  • Always make moves. Never announce them. 
  • Who am I? I haven’t found the answer yet. 
  • Your life will experience sunshine again.
  • Does this seem like the end? Don’t worry, it’s just the beginning.
  • Get better. Don’t stagnate. 
  • Wanna be the best? Learn how to handle the worst. 
  • Ever since my childhood I was always the winner. 
  • I always say yes to new adventures. 
  • I am the sum of my decisions not my circumstances.
  • It’s a wonderful life!
  • Make today so amazing yesterday gets jealous. 
  • Be the best you, you can be.
  • Your body pays close attention to what your mind says. So be positive. 
  • My attitude and personality make up my style. 
  • Just like me, all good things come wild and free. 
  • Let life throw up some surprises. 
  • Remain near what keeps your heart beating.  
  • I need space.
  • Limits? What are those? 
  • I am a one-of-a-kind wonder. 
  • Elegance – a kind of beauty that will never fade. 
  • I am inimitable. 
  • I am what I am. 
  • I only focus on the good. 
  • Not everyone likes me but then they don’t matter. 
  • Attitude and class – is what keep me going. 
  • I ain’t beautiful like you. I am beautiful like me. 
  • I might not be perfect. That’s coz I’m limited edition. 
  • Be your own kind of stunning.
  • The essence of happiness is simplicity. 
  • Only the simplest things are the most beautiful. 
  • I can be myself, without your approval. 
  • Eighth wonder of the world – that’s me! 
  • No one has yet seen, the best of me.  
  • No place feels quite like home. 
  • Don’t pretend you know me. 
  • Trying to understand me is futile. 
  • Messy hair, don’t care. 
  • Shine bright like the sun. 
  • Live a little bit, everyday. 

Creative WhatsApp bios

  • Live today – tomorrow is not guaranteed. 
  • Ideas are useless if they remain unused. 
  • Dream without being scared, love without knowing limits. 
  • Be brave to live differently. 
  • Don’t look at me funny. 
  • If you’re tired, keep going. Stop only when you’re done.  
  • Self-confidence – the best outfit. 
  • Grow through what you’re going through. 
  • Simplicity – the key to brilliance. 
  • Live the life you’ve dreamed of. 
  • I woke up flawless. 
  • Think and live positive. 
  • Don’t be disheartened if you’re struggling. It means you’re progressing. 
  • Follow your dreams. 
  • No place worth going has shortcuts. 
  • Without struggle, strength is absent. 
  • Go where your heart feels alive.  
  • Love yourself and conquer the world. 
  • Be the person you’d want to meet. 
  • What you’ve left behind is nothing. Anticipate the future. 
  • I’m not lazy, I’m just chill. 
  • I’m a better version of myself. 
  • I just levelled up. 
  • Crazy is a trademark of a true pioneer. 
  • Want to be second? Follow me. 
  • Hakuna Matata
  • Describe my personality? Some things are a mystery. 
  • Classy, sassy and never trashy. 
  • I radiate good vibes. 
  • In a world of trends, I’d like to remain a classic. 
  • My best dress is the smile you gave me.
  • Under construction. 
  • If you are devoid of a smile, here’s mine.
  • I am on top of the world. 
  • Walking in the sunshine
  • Relaaaax – note to self. 
  • Get rid of the ordinary. 
  • You’re the reason for my smile.
  • Just because I am single I am not available. 
  • Time to awake and turn on awesome.  
  • Why am I smiling? I have no clue what’s happening. 
  • Too lazy to come up with a caption. 
  • I’m cool enough to make ice cubes jealous. 
  • Keep smiling. 
  • I leave a trail that sparkles wherever I go.
  • The reason I get away with everything – is my smile. 
  • Does life seem blurry? Time to fix your focus. 
  • I am the reason I smile daily. 
  • I am so hot I might cause global warming. 
  • In a world of dark chocolate, be chocolate mousse. 
  • Many people have an image of me; not everyone gets the picture. 
  • I wear my smile like a sword. 
  • I looooove selfies. 
  • Look, feel and do good. 
  • Attempting the impossible? Bring on the challenge. 
  • Don’t give me compliments. Bring cash instead. 
  • You gotta be happy. It’s important. 
  • Smile – you’ve made it. 
  • My excuse – I’m young. 
  • This is how you be a heartbreaker. 
  • Stay mysterious- it’s better. 
  • Happy times will be here again. 
  • Sometimes you gotta wear a cape and be a superhero. 

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