World Tuberculosis Day Quotes

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World Tuberculosis Day Quotes

Every year we celebrate World Tuberculosis Day on 24th March to spread awareness about the harmful infectious disease TB, it’s social and economic consequences and to speed up efforts to end the TB epidemic globally. In this date Dr. Robert koch announced his discovery of the bacterium that causes TB in 1882, which shows the way to digonise and cure the disease.

According to WHO reports TB is the second infectious disease responsible for millions of deaths and the 13th leading cause of death. In 2020 there are 30 countries burdened by an 86% increase in TB cases and India was the leading one. So on this day here we present some TB awareness quotes, messages and slogans which you can forward to your people and help to spread awareness about tuberculosis.

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“Separation is a pain but separation with TB is a dream that not all can live.”

“If we shake hands with healthy living, nothing can stop us from kicking away diseases like Tuberculosis.”

“Do you smoke? Be ready for a death that is painful and tiring! Stop today and let us drive away tuberculosis.”

“Find TB and cure TB. Prevention is better than cure and being safe is better than being sorry.”

World Tuberculosis Day 2022: Quotes & Messages

“Fighting against TB is not the biggest challenge but diagnosing it at the right time and providing the right care is the real deal.”

“Early diagnosis and treatment is the only way to fight tuberculosis. And we can eradicate it if we are determined to do so.”

“The diseases we suffer from are a reflection of our lifestyle. Prevent them with regular tests and prevention tips.”

World Tuberculosis Day 2022 Best Slogans

“Live free and live young! Live without TB and live forever.”

“Early diagnosis and treatment can help eradicate TB.”

“Let’s aim to eradicate the second-most dangerous disease after COVID.”

World Tuberculosis Day Theme 2022

“Don’t lose hope, your strong willpower and the right treatment can help you fight against TB.”

“The will to live and the aim to eradicate TB.”

“End this epidemic, end TB.”

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